Message of Management Principles

牧村 実

Minoru Makimura


NIRO's goal is to create new industries and expand existing ones through R&D undertaken collaboratively between industry, academia, and government on new technologies and new products, through advanced technology transfers to regional corporations from organizations such as universities and private sectors, and by offering technological support to cultivate highly competitive small and mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs.

The New Industry Research Organization (NIRO), a public interest incorporated foundation, was established in 1997 as a collaboration between regional corporations and local governments to promote recovery from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Quake.

While seeking to strengthen its collaborative relationships with Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, and local corporations and institutions of higher education, NIRO has pursued diverse activities aimed at benefiting the regional community and its local small and mid-size companies through transfers of underutilized technology from organizations such as universities and corporations and by supporting the development of new technologies and new products.

Japanese industry continues to face a time of great challenges, as not only domestic demand has stagnated and production operations have relocated overseas, but corporate revenues have suffered from currency fluctuations and future overseas demand has grown uncertain. To overcome these challenges and thrive, Japanese companies must maintain their competitiveness by polishing their core technologies to create and commodify original technologies that others cannot imitate. At NIRO, we provide comprehensive support for corporations with such ambitions.

NIRO is also engaged in efforts with industry, academia, government, and citizens to develop new technologies aimed at building a safe and stable society, overcoming global environmental issues, and creating sustainable communities.

As we move forward, we thank you for your continued input and support.

Management Principles


The New Industry Research Organization (NIRO) is an incorporated foundation engaged in businesses such as

  1. R&D of new technologies and new products through collaborations between industry, academia, and government;
  2. Transferring advanced technology developed by organizations such as universities and private-sectors to regional corporations; and
  3. Cultivating highly competitive small and mid-size firms , entrepreneurs, and the like through training and technology support.

By promoting the creation of new industries and the expansion of existing ones, NIRO contributes to local revitalization through industrial development. So doing, NIRO is also helping to build safe, stable, and prosperous regional communities.

Action Guidelines
  • We strengthen regional corporate expertise and competitiveness by maximizingthe technological potential and regional resources at R&D sites withinthe prefecture in order to advance manufacturing technologies and developnew products, services, and businesses. These activities help to builda prosperous regional society in Hyogo and Kobe by revitalizing industryas a whole.
  • We network and collaborate with diverse organizations involved in industrial revitalization in order to promote industrial redevelopment through the support of technology development, market creation, and new products and businesses.
  • We aim to create new products and new industries by promoting technology transfers through collaborative research between organizations such as universities and corporations and the use of intellectual property. We also promote technology transfer by providing small and mid-size firms with strategy support for intellectual property, as well as technology-related advice and support.
  • We provide information on new technologies aimed at building safe and stable societies and creating sustainable communities, and through our research groups aim both to build a regional industrial base capable of adapting to changes in social structure and to cultivate next-generation industries.
  • We help small and mid-size firms maintain and improve fundamental manufacturing technologies, and provide training and support for corporate culture-building and personnel development to meet the demands of an aging society, globalization, and the like.
  • We develop and implement business plans that take into consideration the industrial redevelopment policies of Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, and the Japanese government.
  • We publicize information on results, and are careful to protect personal information.
  • We set numerical goals whenever possible and evaluate business operations in order to promote operational efficiency and rapidly achieve objectives.